Take a Hike!

Take a Hike!

Just like every other enthusiastic child, I grew up with a life full of two types of general entertainment… riding bikes and playing in the woods.

My father, an avid cyclist and bike shop owner, raised me in a world full of tires, trails, campfires and good times. Unfortunately my father was forced to shut his doors in 2003 when the online sales wave hit and with no regrets he calmly said, “I’m taking a ride!”. My family’s love for the outdoors really set the stage for who I am and paved the way for my team and me to come together and build the Take A Hike Shop.

For the next 10 years I continued my job as a professional climber and although my love for climbing will never fade the hard work took its toll. As a result I began to look for a new career and quickly thought of the old bike shop and spent the next two years preparing a modern version of my dad’s old shop. With his inspiration and my love for camping, hiking, climbing and snowboarding we were able to create this amazing store to keep our dreams alive, and help other people achieve their dreams of adventure in the great outdoors!

We offer a giant selection of products whether you want to frolic in the snow, hike the appalachian trail and camp along the way, bike to the horizon and back, or climb Kilimanjaro.  Our goal is to help you reach yours.  Get out there!

Find us in the Historic Frenchtown District of St. Charles, Missouri, or on the web at takeahikeshop.com!

913 N 2nd St, St Charles, MO 63301

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