Sha’s Coffee Beans, Tea Leaves & Things

Hours and Contact

Address 820 N 2nd

Saint Charles, MO 63301  

Phone Numbers Office: (636) 724-5347

Second Street Hours

Monday  10-5

Tues  Closed

Wed – Sat  10-5

Sun 1-5


     Those of you who frequent Main Street, Saint Charles are already familiar with Sha’s Coffee Beans, Tea Leaves, and Things.  Frenchtown is now proud to announce that Sha’s (pronounced “Shay’s”) has moved to 820 N. Second Street in the historic People’s Bank Building.

      As a die-hard coffee and tea drinker, the idea that I would have access to a shop just literally around the corner from my house is the greatest! At my house, we grind our own whole coffee beans and brew our own iced tea.  Each time I step into Sha’s I’m greeted both by smiling faces and a tremendously energizing waft of fresh roasted coffee beans, mixed with the sweet aroma of various herbs and teas. Each day, Sha’s features samples of the day’s selection of featured coffees and iced teas. Stepping into their new shop on Second street is an experience for gourmet coffee, tea, and salsa lovers alike.

Owners Julie and Shaun opened Sha’s Coffee Beans, Tea Leaves, and Things at their original site at 524 Main Street, Saint Charles four years ago. They just recently opened their second street location at 820 N. Second Street in Frenchtown, where they will fully relocate their Main Street business by the end of this year.

Some of their featured products include:

Chauvin Coffee- Roasted in St. Louis since 1930. Includes (but not limited to) Origin Coffees such as Costa Rican La Minita, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Viennese Roast & more…

They have over 30 Flavored Coffees too. You can purchase all of their Coffees by the Lb., 1/2 Lb. whole bean or ground to order & the flavors are also available in a 10-12 cup sample packets – great for trying before you buy more and they make excellent gifts for the coffee lover in your life. (Thanks for watching my dog kind of thing…)

Ashby brand loose leaf tea.( sold by 1/4 or 1/2 Lb. bags).

Republic of Tea brand in loose leaf, bags and bulk.

The largest selection of Stash bag teas anywhere around here.

They also have a wide selection of canned goods- Pickles, relish, Salsa, Jams & Jelly from Kathy’s Kitchen that Kathy delivers herself.

Soups and dips from Little Pleasures from on the hill in St. Louis and a local Honey that we love.

Their BBQ sauces and Hot Sauces offer one of the largest varieties that you’ll ever see!


     I asked Julie what led her to go into this business. Here was her response:

Julie holding her favorite roast of coffee- “Simply Sinful”

“We did not actually decide to get into the tea/coffee/salsa business. We were blessed to be part of it from the time that I, (Julie) was hired by the Figueroa’s at the Main Street shop in 2013. I worked there with the respect of it being my own. Near the end of 2015 the Figueroa’s announced their retirement. Many customers came to me and asked if the rumor that the shop was going to close was true. When I replied with a ‘yes,’ I could see their heart break! Then I would say, ‘I’ll see what I can do to keep it going.’ Shaun asked me if that’s what I want & here we are now…. with a whole new shop in a new area of St Charles! “

     We Frenchtown residents are excited that Julie and Shaun have responded to both our community’s need as well as to her own calling, and we are proud to welcome Sha’s (remember: pronounced with a long “a”) as our newest addition to Frenchtown. We are so thrilled to have such an established and unique shop in our little neck of the woods, and we wish you Sha’s best of success here!

     Of course we want you to come to Frenchtown to really get the true Sha’s experience. After all, you can’t sample coffees, breathe in the vast aromas, or snap a selfie with Rosco the Pig online. But if you can’t make it in soon, Julie and Shaun do carry products on the web at