The HFA Dragon Marches Again on the Fourth of July

The Frenchtown dragon winds and dances up the parade route on North Main Street.

No doubt about it: Kids ruled the 2019 St. Charles Independence Day parade! Dressed in red, white, and blue, some rode floats and tossed beads and candy to onlookers. Hundreds more kids–also dressed in their patriotic best–stood beside parents and grandparents, cheering the passing parade and keeping an eye out for treats coming their way. 

Kids, especially, appreciated the Historic Frenchtown Association’s red-white-and-blue dragon, embellished with silver-spangled fringe and golden fleurs-de-lis. Supported by a team of six adults, the dragon sometimes “charged” onlookers and then turned, weaving back and forth across the street to the crowd’s delight. 

A truck bearing a banner heralded the Historic Frenchtown Association. This year’s parade appearance was an encore for the dragon, which represented the HFA in 2018. 

Retrieved from storage and returned to glory,  the dragon was–if we do say so ourselves–a most original parade entry. Chris Ford and her husband, Larry, who own Frenchtown Inn B&B, also provided the truck which doubled as a support vehicle for “dragon walkers” switching out along the two-and-a-half mile parade route. The walkers deeply appreciated the cab’s air conditioning, and the kids had a blast tossing trinkets and sweets from the truck bed.

The Historic Frenchtown Association has two words for the families who made it possible for the HFA dragon to walk again: Merci Beaucoup!

Several Frenchtown families provided support, dragon walkers, and friendly faces to wave to the crowd.

We’d like to thank all the individuals and families of Frenchtown who not only performed energetically as dragon walkers, but the kids who tossed treats and waved to the crowd, those who took the time to restore the dragon, and the many individuals who helped create the Frenchtown dragon in 2018.