Grass Valley Roots Opens New Cafe in Frenchtown

Grass Valley Roots, located at 902 N. Second Street, is spreading its roots deeper and branching out with a new coffee shop.  Laura Henry, owner, of Grass Valley Roots, opened an eclectic antique shop 18 months ago.  She started her store with vintage items, upcycled and repurposed delights including furniture, clothing, dishes and lots of unusual “just gotta have” things.  

Now she is following her heart’s delight and turning a portion of her store into a place to sit, relax or grab that coffee on the way somewhere!   She will be serving La Cosecha Coffee,  an organic fair trade bean roasted locally in Maplewood, Missouri.  Laura, a barista  in a former life, will be serving lattes, cappuccinos, pour-overs, tea, chai lattes, mochas and much more!   She will also be serving  pastries from La Bonne Bouchee,  a well known French Bakery in Creve Coeur.  Choices will include scones, muffins , fruit pastries and cinnamon rolls to name a few.

La Cosecha Coffee is an organic fair trade bean roasted locally in Maplewood, Missouri.

Laura was  originally from Grass Valley, CA, three hours northeast of San Francisco and has named her shop after her beloved hometown..  Fifteen years ago her car broke down in St. Charles, and she fell in love with our historic town.  After living in West County, a life change brought her to Frenchtown, where she now runs her store and lives above the shop with her daughter. In addition to being a barista in college, she is a registered nurse and was a stay-at-home mom for many years.  She, however, has always loved coffee and dreamed of opening her own place.  She likes the idea of bringing people together over a hot cup of roasted goodness on a cold day.  Laura is invested in our community both financially and emotionally and would appreciate your business.