Parks and Recreation

This is the newest/second segment of the Boschert Greenway that will connect the Katy Trail to New Town in the City of St. Charles.

Phase 1 went from New Town to Fox Hill Park.

The second phase of the Boschert Greenway  began construction in September of 2011.

This project adds 2.1 miles to Boschert Greenway and connects Fox Hill Park to Blanchette Park and the Katy Trail in the City of St. Charles.

The alignment of the segment exits from Fox Hill Park near the two ponds adjacent to Little Hills Expressway.  It crosses to the south side of Little Hills Expressway and continues east to the east side of Fifth Street.  At the southeast corner of Little Hills and Fifth Street a mini rest area and overlook will be constructed called “Boschert Pointe.” From there the trail alignment continues south along Fifth Street to a mid block connection to Blanchette Park.  It continues south east to Olive Street.  Heading east on Olive Street the trail becomes an on-street connection through the Frenchtown and terminates at the Blanchette Landing on the Katy Trail.